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The Most Shocking Event That Greatly Changed Grant Cardone’s Life




Grant Cardone’s story is truly an inspiring one. Let us all look at Grant and forget about all his fame and success for a second and let’s focus on the time when he hit the lowest point of life and finally decided to focus his energy on himself and eventually change the way we look at the financial world in general.

Who Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone grew up in a little town called Lake Charles in the state of Louisiana. He and his twin brother were the youngest out of five children. At the age of 10, Grant lost his father due to a sudden heart attack, and his mother was forced to support 5 children alone, with no education, and no work experience. You can just imagine how hard it was and that Grant grew up in a very poor and less than ideal environment. And it was this environment, and the trauma he faced from losing his father early in life, and his oldest brother when he was 20 years old, that led him towards a self-destructive and downward spiraling path. And so from the age of 15 to 25, Grant found himself in bad company, making bad decisions, and addicted to drugs. He recalled that he would wake up swearing that he would use drugs again but ended up reaching for the same drugs that he swore off.

However, there was one traumatic event that would act as a catalyst for reversing the direction of his life. It happened on one rainy night when he was walking home, he was robbed at gunpoint. And in his attempts to fight off the armed robber, Grant was beaten with a pistol and left for dead. He ended up in the hospital for three days and would need over 70 stitches. His face was so damaged from the event, that when his mother came to visit, she couldn’t even recognize him. This event was a major turning point for Grant, but the final straw that would set him up to completely change his life was about to happen.

The Turning Point

After the robbery, he realizes that he needs help, and decided to get himself into rehab. Grant was 25 years old when he finally decided to clean his life up. After he got out of rehab, he committed to living a sober life in pursuit of his potential. And even though he felt like a loser at the time, he knew, deep inside that he was meant to do more with his life. As such, upon his release from rehab, he cut out all negative influences from his life. He stopped hanging around his drug addict friends, he stayed away from his enemies, and all those negative influences and environments that in the past kept him going back to the comfort of drugs like clockwork.

Now after deciding to turn his life around he still had to find an avenue to pursue his potential. He had his degree in accounting, but such jobs were limited at the time. And, with the economy being slow with unemployment at 24%, Grant didn’t have the luxury of being selective. As such, he landed a job as a car salesperson, even though he hated sales. However, what motivated him to pursue it was because he hated being broke and not being to pay his rent and he needs to get himself busy in order to not think about using drugs. With that in mind, focused all his energy on excelling in that field. And, through that effort and investment in knowledge, Grant eventually became one of the best car salesmen in the country.

The Game Changer

He saved up all his money from his job until he eventually started his own sales consulting business, and began aggressively selling his sales strategies across the country. Grant recalls, “It was a consulting company in the automobile industry. I basically went up to this multi-billion dollar automotive industry and said, “Look, the way you do business is antiquated.” I began consulting manufacturers and car dealers in the USA and Canada on how they could change their processes to be more consumer-friendly, fast, profitable, and effective with both customers and dealers. I still have that company today. I started that business with just 50 grand.” His business took off, and his businesses were doing so well that he eventually became a millionaire by the age of 30.

But he didn’t become a millionaire because his businesses were earning income. Nobody automatically becomes a millionaire because they have an income or a business. Grant became a millionaire because he was disciplined with his money and because he had a millionaire mindset. Essentially, every time he paid himself from his business’s earnings, he would consider himself “broke” immediately after, because he’d shove all his extra money into down payments for investments, primarily in the form of real estate. Grant would do this for years until his assets topped a million dollars. And it is this same simple process that he uses to this day; which has helped him achieve a net worth of $200 million. He strives to make as much money as he can, so he can invest as much as he can to build his investment empire, it’s that simple.

What’s so unique about him is that he finds a way in the business system that he can change and turn into something that could benefit both the customer and the seller. Additionally, because of his life experiences, given the fact that he reached rock bottom at one in his life, he knows how that feels and a lot of people could relate to that. For that reason, he does his best to help other people who are going through the same thing, and help them get their life back together, like what he did.

3 Tips From Grant Cardone

“What’s crazy is the thing I hated became the gateway to the rest of my life”

“Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.”

“Don’t just make money, make a difference.”

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