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The One Invention That Made Kevin Harrington Into a Millionaire




Ever since he was young, Kevin has a keen outlook on entrepreneurship. He had an idea when he was young and he stuck to it until he made it into reality which in turn made a huge difference not only in the history of American Television but throughout the world. And because of his unique way of looking about things accompanied by his entrepreneurial experiences, he achieved success and one of the respected personalities in the business world.

Who Is Kevin Harrington?

Kevin Harrington was born on October 15, 1956, in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a boy growing up in a blue-collar Ohio family, he started selling newspapers on the street at the age of 9 and launched his first business at 15 —sealing driveways in the hot summer sun. He soon began selling high-end baby high chairs door-to-door but didn’t experience breakthrough success until he met an experienced guide. This guide began teaching him the secrets of selling success and introduced him to resources from Napoleon Hill and Zig Ziglar. As Kevin soaked up their wisdom, his personal and business growth began to skyrocket. By his first year in college, he had built his first million-dollar enterprise.


While watching late-night television, he noticed that sometimes the only thing on the screen were the color test bars that stations ran when they had nothing else to air. He seized the opportunity to launch what later came to be called the infomercial. Before long, he had helped make “but wait, there’s more” part of our cultural history. While companies like Vitamix had been producing infomercial programs for TV broadcasters since 1949, Harrington’s model of replacing time that the broadcaster was normally off the air with entertaining and informative advertising launched the modern infomercial format. Ever since that fateful night, he has been involved with over 500 product launches that resulted in sales of over $4 billion dollars worldwide and 20 products that reached individual sales of over $100 million. By 1990, Harrington was named one of the 100 best entrepreneurs in the world (by Entrepreneur Magazine).

Business and Media Career

In the mid-1980s, Harrington formed Quantum International which grew to $500 million in sales, selling products in 100 countries in 20 languages. He then formed HSN direct in conjunction with Home Shopping Network and soon after formed Reliant International Media. Soon he founded As Seen on TV, Inc. and acquired, the world’s largest website featuring as seen on TV products.

He founded two global associations – ERA (Electronic Retailers Association), which is now in 45 countries, and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) which boasts more than 10,000 members. He is on the board of University of South Florida (USF) entrepreneur programs and teaches regularly. He is also involved with Moffit Cancer Research and a variety of community-based programs. He’s launched massively successful products like The Food Saver, Ginsu Knives, The Great Wok of China, The Flying Lure, and many more. He has worked with amazing celebrities like Billie Mays, Tony Little, Jack Lalanne, and George Foreman to name a few.

Harrington was one of the original panel members and investors (“Sharks”) on the ABC TV series Shark Tank from its inception in 2009. He left in 2011 after two seasons of the show. He also published his book, “Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million-Dollar Products” in 2009. In 2010, Harrington became a Member of the Advisory Board at AbsolutelyNew, Inc. and the Chairman and Senior Executive Officer of H & H Imports Inc. In 2013, he teamed with Cherif Medawar through and together they laid out a plan to equip up-and-coming innovators and business owners with the tools and methods to become Sharks themselves.

3 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs From Kevin Harrington

“The best way to pitch an idea to an investor is to tell the investor how they’re going to get their money back. A lot of people forget that the investor has other places to invest their money.”

“You only stay in front by coming up with ideas your new competitors haven’t thought of yet.”

“I believe that anyone with drive and vision – anyone – can achieve success…

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