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How to Go From Poverty to Wealth Using the Dean Graziosi Guide




Brief History

Dean Graziosi is a real estate investor and author, he has managed to inspire many people to get into real estate. Dean Graziosi’s work as an entrepreneur is something that needs to be admired. He was on November the 20th in 1968 and had two other siblings. Dean Graziosi’s parents divorced when he was three years old and this led to his grandmother raising him for most of his childhood. Dean Graziosi never really had a comfortable upbringing as he was constantly moving he moved houses up to 20 times through his childhood. He went to Marlboro High School, however, he never went to college. During this time in his life, he had experienced a lot of problems financially. When he hit his early twenties to make money he would repair and sell used vehicles.

His Career

His early years of struggling for money and the experiences of buying and selling used vehicles helped him develop his financial knowledge. Dean Graziosi founded his company in 2002 and they were called Dean enterprises. This company specializes in helping people and giving advice about real estate, as well as providing real estate products for people. He didn’t just make his money from real estate he also made his money from flipping as well. He then put all of these experiences and then put them into a course which has made him a lot of money. For example, his course “ think a little different” is based on some of the decisions he made and he tells you how to improve and develop a mentality that helps you make money. Some of his other courses and events include the likes of the growth summit event, The number one way to generate wealth this year by joining a wave of one trillion dollars, and how you can benefit from the online training course, real millionaire monthly online course, millionaire monthly habits and knowledge blueprint

Another reason for Dean Graziosi’s success is the impressive results of his books. Some of his books include the likes of Totally Fulfilled which focuses on being motivational and help people who have to deal with everyday problems. His second book is called profit from real estate, this book gives you tips and advice on where you can make money from real estate and gives you different strategies. The third book is called 30 days to real estate cash, which gives you ways where you can make money from real estate in thirty days. His fourth book is called millionaire success habits, this is all the revealing habits that you can take from a millionaire that will help improve your everyday life. His fifth book is called the underdog advantage and this book is about how being the underdog has helped him out and how it can help you out.

Teaching and Charity Work

One of the things that make Dean Grazioni a little bit different is his incredible dedication to teaching people. He has been teaching people for around twenty years he has done so through great passion. He teaches people through podcasts, events, books, and videos. He also provides outstanding charity work and donated one million dollars to Richard Branson’s charity called virgin unite. He founded the charity Operation free home where he gives people a house for a year to help people get back on their feet.

Dean Graziosi Quotes

“It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from. It only matters where you are and where you want to go.”

“When you focus on the outcome rather than the obstacle, your life will never be the same.”

“Start realizing your true worth and know that you can evolve in the direction you choose. ”

“If you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t.”

“A success mentality teaches not to waste energy on things that you can’t change. ”

“Be more impressed with the height of your passion and enthusiasm than the depth of your knowledge. ”

“Goal-setting is arguably the most important step to success.”

“Your success depends on making it a habit to focus on improving what you’re already good at to the point of greatness.”

“Our next level is always on the other side of an obstacle and always on the other side of a challenge.”

“When you have a clear vision for your life, you’ll stop wasting time on the things not serving your dreams, your goals, or your aspirations.”

“When success habits become your new routine, your life can change dramatically.”

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